18 August 2016

A month’s worth of free cheese curds!

Who wouldn’t want to chance to win a month’s worth supply of St-Albert Curds.

We are pleased to present our latest cheese creation, a Borgonzola cheese. You will find this cheese in the center bottom part of your cheese plate. You can be the first to taste it today at the Curd fest’s Wine and Cheese!


This triple cream cheese, split in half with a touch of blue, is made with pasteurized milk. This cheese is a cross between a rich triple cream cheese and a very delicate blue cheese. This cheese is perfect for those amongst you that may have shied away from blue cheese in the past, as its creamy texture and perfect balance will certainly delight. Nos we need your help! The cheese doesn’t have a proper name yet, so we would ask all of you to participate in our naming contest! The winner will receive a month’s worth of free cheese!

We hope that many of you will send in your naming ideas either in person at our wine and cheese or on Facebook!

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