5 April 2016

Cheddar Et Cetera Store Closing

Vache extérieure avec bâtiment - Cheddar EtCetera

The St-Albert Cheese Co-Op announced the closing of its specialized cheese store, Cheddar Et Cetera, located at 900 Watters Road in Orleans today. The last day of operations for the Store will be Sunday, May 1st, 2016. This closing could potentially result in the loss of 2 Full-time employees, along with 6 Part-Time employees. All employees were made aware of this decision on April 5th, 2016, and every effort will be made to re-locate some of the employees to the main St-Albert Store located in St-Albert, Ontario. For any other employees; severance packages, along with job placement services, will be offered to assist them in finding new employment.

This decision was not taken lightly, but the Senior Management Team deemed it necessary due to the end of the lease, as well as the numerous successful retail locations that are currently selling St-Albert products throughout the Orleans area.

Éric Lafontaine, the Director General for the St-Albert Cheese Co-op was quoted as stating “We are extremely proud of what our employees were able to accomplish over the course of the past ten years in the Orleans market, with regards to the building of the sales of St-Albert Products. Thanks to their hard work and the loyalty of our Orleans customers, it has become one of our strongest markets.”

Our loyal customers will always be able to find our fresh cheeses and products delivered every day in a number of grocery store locations throughout Orleans, as well as our newly rebuilt Factory location in St-Albert, Ontario itself.

On behalf of the St-Albert Cheese Co-Op Management Team, we wish to sincerely thank our employees for their hard work, dedication, and tremendous quality of work. As well, we wish to thank our loyal customers for their past and continued support in the future.

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