5 October 2015

A delicious way to raise money!

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You are lookin for a way to generate revenue for your organization ? We are here to help !

Superstar Fundraising is proud to partner with St. Albert Cheese to offer to schools, sports teams, associations, organizations or other groups the opportunity to maximize revenue from their fundraiser by launching a new program named : Say Cheese!

Indeed, Say Cheese offers the opportunity to sell with profit the most popular products of the famous cheese factory in Eastern Ontario, including its delicious cheese curds and extra old cheddar, recognized among the best in Canada.

The Say Cheese web portal allows to create a custom campaign page to present a cause, to print purchase orders at its image and receive orders online via the web or through a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

To start a campaign, just register at www.say-cheese.ca. A representative will contact the groups to validate their informations. They will be ready to start their fundraising campaign. Then, they will say « Cheese » because their fundraising campaign will make them smile!

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