9 November 2017

Store Leader


Under the supervision of the Store Manager, the Store Leader ensures the smooth operation of the store. He must provide support to store employees in the daily operations and also support the manager in putting in effect an exceptional customer service. All the while respecting the rules of for health and safety, sanitation, quality and maintaining a good working environment. 


  • Ensure to put in effect an exceptional customer service, welcoming customers, answer questions and assist customers as needed, handle complaints, grant returns and refunds;
  • Act as a leader and develop staff autonomy;
  • Support the Store Manager in supervising store employees, guide employees in their work and in their customer service;
  • Respect and enforce rules: established for health and safety, hygiene, sanitation and food handling, at all times;
  • Promote learning and development of knowledge of the cheeses for all staff;
  • Assist in the marketing of our products and in inventory management, placing orders, receiving and shipping orders, filling shelves, rotate stock, enter invoices, inventory count, all according to the process specific to each tasks or step;
  • Process sales, open and close the store and the registers, keep a low level of cash in circulation, replenish money in the registers if necessary, balance all sales transactions at the end of each day, kept all receipt and vouchers, record daily sales, prepare deposits daily, keep safe closed and locked at all time, all according to the process specific to each tasks or step;
  • Perform all other related duties. 


  • High School Diploma or equivalent;
  • Minimum one year experience in a similar position and/or a position in customer service;
  • Good knowledge of the cheese sector and the food industry;
  • Leadership; 
  • Teamwork; 
  • Open mind; 
  • Skills in planning and organizing; 
  • Adaptability and flexibility;
  • Resourcefulness;
  • Curiosity; 
  • Excellent communication skills; 
  • Independent; 
  • Bilingual : English and French, spoken and written.

Status: 1 full time position and 1 temporary full time position (1 year contract).

Work Schedule: Must be available according to restaurant opening hours (day, evening and weekend).

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