In 2016, the St-Albert Cheese Co-operative family consisted of 150 permanent employees, not counting those at Fromagerie Mirabel. It is not unusual to have several members of a given family, more than one generation even, directly or indirectly involved with the Co-operative, either as members or as employees.

Our team was very hard hit by the fire that destroyed the factory in February 2013. Some of our staff agreed to work in other factories, while some were redeployed to the church basement, or to halls in the community centre, the Caisse Desjardins or the St-Albert elementary school. Some of them opted to pursue their studies. But everyone responded with understanding and solidarity, and for this we are deeply grateful to them.


Éric Lafontaine, General Manager

« When you choose to work with us, you become a member of a tight-knit family that works as one, with devotion and in a spirit of mutual support in order to continue the work that started more than five generations ago, which is to together produce the best cheese in the country in accordance with traditions. »

– Éric Lafontaine, General Manager





Gérald Benoît, chair


Founded in 1894, St-Albert Cheese Co-Op, owned by a group of dairy producers in the St-Albert area, processes and distributes dairy products. It is a democratic organization run by its members, who are actively involved in elaborating its policies and strategic orientations.


(adopted by the Board of Directors in January 2013)
The St-Albert Cheese Co-operative uses the milk produced by its members to manufacture, commercialize and promote 100% pure milk quality products to ensure the continued operation of the co-operative and the vitality of its dairy producer members, its employees and its community.


In accordance with the International Co-operative Alliance Statement on the co-operative identity, the core values of St-Albert Cheese Co-operative Inc. are personal and mutual leadership and responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, solidarity and naturally, cooperation and inter-cooperation.

True to the spirit of its founders, the Co-operative’s members adhere to a code of ethics that is based on honesty, transparency, social responsibility and altruism. Finally, aware of the importance of education in achieving a better and fairer society, the co-operative gives its members, elected officials, managers and employees the education and training they need to efficiently contribute to its development.

Members of the 2017 Council Board

Gérald Benoît, chair
Member since 2008

Reynald Benoit, vice-president
Member since 2009

Thierry Boudreau, secretary
Member since 2009

Jacques Laflèche, officer
Member since 2005

Christian Laflèche, officer
Member since 2014

Michel Courville, officer
Member since 2016

Lyne Desnoyers, officer
Member since 2017

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